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You are playing as a Mr. Metal, a hero that can harden his skin to be as
hard as steel. In this level, you are infiltrating the diabolical lair of Dr. Dark.
His initial defenses are designed specifically to test out his new magnet traps developed for use against Mr. Metal, but this is just the tip of the iceberg of his
labyrinth of evil.

This project was developed at The University of Utah in Fall 2018 as a final project for their Level Design course. I was tasked with taking a 2D mechanic and implementing it in a 3D space using Unreal Engine and its blueprint system. The 2D mechanic I adapted for 3D is inspired by the many magnet related hazards from the Magnet Man stage in Mega Man 3.

Music: Magnet Man (Mega Man 3 Cover) by Aaron Myers-Brooks


Install instructions

Unzip the file, open Executable, open WindowsNoEditor, and launch LD_2Dto3D.exe


FatalAttraction.zip 541 MB

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